stephenoverton-profileStephen Overton is an active member of his community in Tampa, especially when it comes to water sports. He enjoys the freedom that comes with traveling around the waterfront of one of the most beautiful cities in the country, and he is always looking for new places to explore. Stephen loves to take canoe trips through the famed Hillsborough River, navigate speed boats, and even take advantage of Tampa Bay’s unique water bike program. He has also been a swimmer since he was a young child and continues to swim for recreation and in casual competitions with his peers.

One of the best parts of traveling around Florida’s Gulf Coast is all of the history in each spot Stephen visits. He is a huge fan of both historical facts and mythical lore, and he enjoys visiting sites such as the Tampa Bay History Center, the Ybor City State Museum, and the American Victory Mariners Memorial & Museum Ship. The latter site is Stephen’s favorite because it combines his interests in both watercraft and history. Although he has lived in Tampa for many years, Stephen lives by the motto that you can never get bored if you know where to look.

In addition to water sports, Stephen is passionate about basketball and plays it weekly. He has been interested in basketball from a young age, and he played it through his high school career. Health and fitness are very important in his life and he loves to stay active; he also donates to gym renovations and openings to encourage the spread of fitness and activity in Tampa and beyond.

Stephen frequently goes walking and hiking in nature preserves and parks to stay fit as well. He loves to travel to local islands and explore remote or unpopulated beaches (no easy feat in a tourist-heavy place like Tampa), and he is an occasional fan of going “off the grid” and taking all-day hikes through some of the most scenic areas in all of Florida. One of his favorite locales is Balm-Boyette Scrub Preserve in Hillsborough County. This preserve in particular also allows Stephen to explore his interest in natural wildlife, especially various protected species.

Although Stephen is passionate about health and fitness, he is also a casual foodie; he loves to try out new and obscure dishes. He attends Tampa Bay’s annual Veg Fest and is always looking for ways to improve his diet. He loves to cook for himself and experiment with new recipes, particularly healthy smoothie or juice ideas.

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